S'mores...however I can get them!

I love S'mores, and my kids go ape for them. With some rain in the forecast, campfire s'mores just aren't an option....so I'm going to share with you oodles of ideas for alternative s'mores (alterna-smores, perhaps?)

I'll start by revisiting a couple of my own recipes...

I've never blogged this treat because it's not really recipe, but here is my S'more Sundae: Vanilla ice cream, marshmallows roasted under the broiler, crushed graham cracker, and grated chocolate

And now for some delicious looking recipes sourced from all around the web. Click through to the original sources for recipes, and let me know what you try! These are all making it on to my endless "to try" list.

For Josh, who loves rootbeer: Rootbeer Float S'more from Sugar and Charm

Do you have any favourite recipes that make use of the classic summer s'more flavour? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. We love smores too. I just posted some S'mores Rice Krispies treats this week: http://www.beantownbaker.com/2013/07/smores-rice-krispies-treats.html

  2. Those look delicious, Jen! If I had some Golden Grahams, I'd be making them this afternoon. Love your blog, by the way...I read it often! :)