Kale Recipe Round-Up 2

I recently shared some of my favourite tried and true Kale recipes in a round-up leading up to National Kale Day (October 2nd 2013). Since then, I've noticed just how many kale recipes I have on my various "to try" lists! I wanted to share with you some recipes that I think look absolutely delicious, and that I'm hoping to try very soon. If you try any of them before me, please be sure to let me know! I'd love to hear how you make out. And if you have any kale recipes that you think I should try, leave a comment or send me an Email! I always love to hear from readers.

(I'll probably use Parmesan cheese, which will definitely help sell the kids on this dish)
roasted butternut squash 6513 Roasted Butternut Squash with Kale and Almond Pecan Parmesan

(Aren't you curious about this? I am!)

Mmmmm! Time to get some more kale, and get busy!


  1. I love kale. I like to make a massaged kale salad with quinoa and salmon for a quick, light lunch. Can you believe I have never made kale chips? We are hosting thanksgiving this year and I am making this stuffing recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sausage-and-kale-thanksgiving-dressing-recipe2/index.html I tested it out a couple weeks ago and it's AMAZING.

    1. Hi Jen! That looks so good! I may have to try to incorporate that stuffing into our Thanksgiving dinner too!

  2. I've been all about juicing it since we got onto the Dave's Produce Packs! There is something about a big glass of green that just makes me feel healthier! lol The cake on this list is a little too adventurous for me, but I will likely try the recipe with the spicy lentils :)