Whiskey-Balsamic Steak

Yesterday morning, I texted my friend who lives just across the street and asked if I could borrow a shot of whiskey. I'm sure she thought I was finally losing it! She didn't have any, so I called my sister...who had some Maple Crown Royal. Oh baby - that stuff smells amazing!

I saw this recipe on Pinterest, but the blog it links to has been deleted. It was one of the few times that I didn't delete a long description on something when pinning it, so I'm thankful that I was lazy (or pinning on my phone) that day. The ingredients are few and the preparation is simple, but the steak was great! It was fun to put away the measuring spoons and cook with a shot glass. 

1 shot of whiskey
1 shot of balsamic vinegar

Rub steaks with salt and pepper. Combine whiskey and balsamic vinegar. Marinate steaks for at least one hour before grilling to your desired level of doneness. (The longer you marinate cheaper cuts of meat, the more tender they will be. For some great information about making the perfect steak, check out this article from Canadian Living.)

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