First Attempt of Fondant

I am a pretty good cook, and a pretty good baker...but a cake decorator I am not. I don't think I've ever been satisfied with the way one of my decorated cakes has turned out. Sure, they are yummy (this buttercream is my delicious go-to), but I always just wished that they would be pretty too!

After reading lots of posts about marshmallow fondant, I decided to give it a try for a Father's Day Cake. My kids chose a Superman card at the store, and the three-year old thought that the cake should match. I gave it a shot!

4 C marshmallows
2 Tbsp water
3 3/4 C icing sugar
shortening or veg oil (to keep it from sticking to everything in a 3-foot radius)

Get everything out, measured, and ready ahead of time because it goes quickly and your hands will be sticky! Grease the inside of your Kitchenaid bowl, as well as the dough hook. In 30 second intervals, microwave the marshmallows and water in a large bowl. Stir after each 30 seconds until fully melted. Combine marshmallow mixture and icing sugar in the greased bowl. Mix on a low speed until most of the sugar is mixed in, then increase speed a little (mostly just so the sugar doesn't fly out of the bowl).  Watch in amazement as the goo transforms into a smooth ball that looks like a bright white dough!

Remove from bowl and place onto a greased surface (counter or cutting board). Grease hands and knead. If super sticky, knead in more icing sugar until it is glossy and just tacky. Wrap tightly and let stand for at least an hour to cool off to room temperature.

There are oodles of websites and blog posts that offer tips on how to roll out, cut, and apply the fondant...check them out and find something that will work for you. I rolled mine out on a greased surface and found it really easy to handle (much easier than expected). 

I definitely don't LOVE the result of my first fondant attempt, but I don't hate it...and it was fun! I'm looking forward to trying it again soon. If I was doing the same design again, I'd either cut the whole pentagon out as one piece (to eliminate the seams) or cut in pieces, assemble, and rub out all the seams on my greased surface to make it look like one piece.

(The cake is on a piece of painted pottery, in case you thought colour was bleeding out of the fondant)

Bring on the next birthday cake! My three-year-old is having a pirate themed party in August. Time to start looking for some ideas. Maybe this?