Comfort Week: Thing

Day 2 of Comfort Week is about the most comforting thing in your home. I was considering a comfortable piece of furniture, but I don't have any emotional attachment to it and so much of what makes up 'comfort', I think, is emotional.

Then I thought about the shirt I'm wearing in this photo... I wear this shirt a lot. I mean, A LOT. My husband, Josh, occasionally refers to it as my uniform. I bought it in 2005 at a fitness conference on Toronto. This shirt is ridiculously comfortable. It's snug enough to feel cozy, but loose enough to not be confining. It has one of those zippers that zips both ways, so it can be complete zipped up, or open a little at each ends (like in this photo). It washes like a dream and hasn't faded or lost it's shape over time. Now you are surely thinking: "So it's a nice shirt. Whatever. How could it be the most comforting thing in your home?"

As I sit back to think about it, I'm realizing that...
I've worn this shirt to the grocery store 12,000 times (or at least pretty close).
I've worn this shirt in 4 countries.
I've worn this shirt camping.
I wore this shirt while decorating (and writing a toast) for my brother's wedding.
I've worn this shirt to church.
I've worn this shirt in the bleachers watching Josh play basketball and baseball.
I've worn this shirt doing volunteer work.
I wore this shirt the day I got it in a group ex class of over 200 participants (talk about energy!)
I've worn this shirt on road trips.
I've worn this shirt on countless 'Casual Fridays' at my office.
I've worn this shirt doing housework.
I've worn this shirt over two pregnant bellies.

Until I made this list, I didn't realize how much this shirt has been through with me. I guess that goes to show why I am so attached to it! I am going to make Josh read this post next time he teases me about my uniform.


  1. LOVE that shirt! What is the brand? how do i get one? and how is the sizing?? I am dying for a shirt like that!

  2. There's a lot to be said for finding the perfect shirt!

  3. Way to think outside the box =)

  4. Super great shirt! It's comfy and it looks nice enough to wear out of the house. Bonus!

  5. Everyone needs a favorite shirt! Interesting lists of places you've worn it to. :)

  6. I love that you chose a shirt!! It really has been through a lot with you! I hope it lives through many more wonderful times!

  7. That's great that you went with your shirt. Nothing wrong with that at all. And from reading your list, I can see why it's your favorite.

  8. Nice! If your shirt could only write a book... :)