Summer Seafood

Since Lindsay and Paul were visiting the East Coast from Calgary, we felt it only proper to serve them seafood.

I marinaded scallops and shrimp in this Thai Chili Marinade before skewering them on (soaked) bamboo skewers. To make sure they didn't stick to the grill or (gasp!) fall through the grate, we laid them across the top of the grill basket.

I followed this recipe for Beer Steamed Mussels. I wish we had a side burner to do them on the grill, but alas! I cooked them in the kitchen in a stockpot. Less Summery, but delicious none-the-less.

We served the seafood with the BBQ Sides in the post below

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  1. We love seafood and get most of ours from the Jersey Shore area since we live 3 hours from there. I made a delicous crab casserole this past week. Your recipes & ideas look yummy too!

    I am visiting your blog from the foodie blog roll :)