My name is Jane, and I'm a Slacker Foodie

I've been a huge Slacker Foodie. I'm making boring breakfasts, loser lunches, and dreary dinners. Even my baking leaves something to be desired! The baby was going through a growth-spurt last week and has been particularly fussy as of late, leaving my hobbies on the sidelines. No longer! I've realised that I probably need my "me time" more than ever when I am sleep-deprived, so I'm reclaiming the kitchen!

I'm getting back on the menu-planning-band wagon...And just to make myself accountable, I am posting my menu plan for the week. And to keep myself accountable, I'll make a post about each of them.

Monday: Porkchops, risotto, and green beans
Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Pizza
Wednesday: Dijon Chicken breasts, and sweet potato fries
Thursday: Curry vegetable soup and herb bread
Friday: Thai-themed potluck dinner party with some girls (More on this to come!)

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  1. I am very excited to see the post on the thai potluck! i love thai food but i never know where to start when trying to find a recipe!