Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Last night, I copied a GREAT sandwhich that I had at a restaurant a month ago. I didn't have all the veggies on hand that they served in their sandwich, but it still turned out great.

Bread (The restaurant served it on ciabatta, but I made herb bread in the breadmaker)
Sweet potato, cut into long 1/4 inch thick slices
Zucchini, cut into long 1/4 inch thick slices
Tomato, sliced into 1/2 inch thick rounds

We were out of propane, so I couldn't grill the veggies over the flame. Instead, I put them on a tin foil lined baking sheet, drizzled them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and baked them at 350' for 10 minutes. I toasted the bread, and made a spread of equal parts prepared pesto and mayonnaise. Layer all the veggies, and ta-dah! A delicious sandwich! We had it with a Dill Pasta Salad.

For the record, the restuarant also had summer squash, red pepper, and gouda cheese on their sandwich and it was delish. Mine could have used a little cheese, but was good nonetheless.


  1. Came here through the foodie blogroll....that sandwich looks really good! I'm a vegetarian..i'm always looking for such recipes..!


  2. i'm a vegetarian too and this looks just right for me n my hubby..thnx for the recipe..pic looks good.