Breakfast Sandwich

We recently traveled out of town and stayed with an old friend. In the morning, he offered us a Breakfast Buddy. How could you ever turn down anything so cheerful? It was a bagel with a fried egg cooked with peppers, onions, and mushrooms (almost like a little omelet) topped with cheese. Delicious! It made me think about how everyone has a different spin on similar breakfast's mine!

When peppers are on sale, I slice and freeze them. I always slice a few into long thin slices for strifries, fajitas, etc. I save one to slice cross-sectionally to use in these sandwiches. They go straight from freezer to pan, contain the egg so it fits well on the bun, and add a great texture to the sandwich. Win-win-win! I also keep a few slices of cooked bacon in the freezer, which are a great addition to this sandwich too. Just toss it in the pan - it will defrost and warm up as you cook the egg!

Simply toss the green pepper ring into the pan, and crack your egg inside. Cook egg as desired. After flipping, add cheese to melt. Toast a bun (this is a Country Harvest Ancient Grain bun), and top with sliced tomato and condiments as desired (I like honey mustard. Josh likes barbeque sauce). Add cheesy green pepper egg, and enjoy!

And isn't it delightful when things fit perfectly on a bun?
It was like this tomato was grown just for this sandwich!

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