On My List...

I've been told by a few sources that I've been slacking off on my blog lately. It's true - 3 babies will do that to you. Don't argue that the three-year old isn't a baby anymore. I'm clinging to it, okay? ;)  We're all still definitely eating over here, but I'm not experimenting with any new recipes - just sticking with old reliable ones, along with some of meals I froze in the fall.

To entertain you until I can be a better hostess, I thought I'd share with you some of the recipes that are currently sitting on my 'to try' list. Maybe you will try some of them before me and give me your reviews?

And no particular recipe for this, but my friend Sarah and I want to recreate the Winter Bruschetta from the Saint John Ale House. (Does it get any better than a combination of maple roasted squash, walnuts, balsalmic syrup, and goat cheese?)


  1. I tried the broccoli bites for St Patrick's day- my husband and I loved them, but all of the kids gave them a "pass". Weird, as I thought they were very kid-friendly. Maybe there were too many other things on their plates to try. I think they'd be a good after-school or pre-dinner snack. They will be tried again!

  2. Thanks, Nicole! I'm hoping to try them next week. Another Mom-friend recommended them to me after they were a hit with her kids.