Farm Fresh Eggs

One of my sister's coworkers has a farm and often brings fresh eggs in to work. I was lucky enough to be handed some last week, and couldn't believe the size of them! In the photo below, the white egg is from the grocery store and is considered "large". The brown egg is direct from the farm and, although it might be tough to tell in the photo, it's about one and a half times bigger than the store-bought egg. It is both longer and bigger around, and could probably make a pretty hearty one-egg omelet!

I just found out that the CSA we are taking part in this summer is going to be including some eggs. YAY! If you are in the Saint John area and want to get in on it, check out the group "Dave's Produce Packs" on Facebook. I plan to post recipes regularly all summer to go along with what is provided in the weekly pack.

Until then, here's my side-by-side egg comparison. :)

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