Soft Pretzels

Josh hosted a diaper party last weekend, so I had to come up with some party snacks that would be easy to eat between poker hands. We ended up setting up a self-serve nacho bar (complete with nacho chips, chili, salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, green onions, and cheese) and soft pretzels with dipping sauce (including honey mustard, nacho cheese, marinara, and caramel).

I got the idea for the pretzels from Katie's recent post, but I knew I'd have to make a double-batch and didn't want to do all that kneading. I set out to find a recipe where I could make the dough in the breadmaker, and I settled on this one. Because I was going to have both sweet and savory dipping sauces, I opted not to salt the pretzels. I made each batch into 16 medium-sized pretzels instead of the 8 large pretzels as recommended. (I made 2 batches, but did them one at a time. The dough totally filled the breadmaker pan, so don't try to increase the recipe in a single batch!)

I'll definitely be making these again, and hopefully trying Katie's recipe too. These pretzels were easy and met great reviews from Josh and his guests. (and Isaac liked them too!)

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  1. YUM!!! Kneading is good for the soul :) j/k, I'm jealous of your breadmaker! LOL

    And that torte looks divine...