Baba Ganouj? On Pizza?

Our City Market is one of my favourite places in town to visit any day of the week. On Saturdays, though, it's even better. Certain vendors of ethnic foods only come on Saturday, and Josh and I like to pretend the whole place is a pay-as-you-go buffet. We put Isaac in the carrier, fill our pockets with loonies and toonies, and set off to sample tastes of the world!

We recently got some amazing Baba Ganouj from the Turkish vendor. It was thicker and chunkier than any other I've had, and oh-so good. I had to use a large quantity of it in something because I was taking a scoop almost every time I opened the fridge, and basically reeked of garlic 24-hours a day. Enter this yummy pizza!

Whole-wheat pizza crust
Baba Ganouj
Sliced tomato
Crumbled chèvre goat cheese


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