New Bakeware!

We went to Marden's yesterday, and I am so pleased with my purchases! They just got a big shipment of Wilton bakeware and were practically giving it away!

Here's what I got versus the regular price listed online:
24 mini muffin pan $2.99 vs. $17.99
Set of 3 springform pans (8", 9", and 10") $5.99 for set vs. $15.99 each
9x13 pan with a travel lid for $5.99 vs $19.99
Total $14.97 vs $85.95

I saved $70 off the regular prices! I never would have bought these things at regular price anyway, but the possible savings still gets me excited.

They had amazing deals on some stuff I couldn't justify, like kids character cake pans ($4.99 vs $17.99) and large pans for wedding cakes($3.99 vs $23.99). Since I'm already married and not about to make a Dora the Explorer cake, I made myself leave those things behind.

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  1. This entry makes me think two things:

    1. How much I miss your enthusiasm over a bargain.

    2. How Michael's holds "Wilton" Cake Decorating Courses...and how if we lived in the same city we'd take one.