Starbucks is coming to town

I hate to have two posts in a row without sharing a recipe, but I'm doing it anyway. This is still *somewhat* food related.

When I heard Starbucks was going to set up shop in our city, I was excited. I always love getting whatever seasonal frappucino they are offering when I visit one in another city. On a regular basis though, I really enjoy a local place called Java Moose - which has 3 locations in town.

When the rumours proved true and construction started on the new Starbucks, I saw that it is being built right next to the Java Moose kiosk in our mall. Suddenly, I forgot about frappucino and saw Starbucks as a bully. I decided then and there that I would remain a Java Moose girl...but I wondered if others would be swayed by the bright lights and commercial zing of Starbucks. I could see the teenie-boppers already: "This is what Paris Hilton drinks!"

I noticed yesterday that Java Moose put up a banner above their menu. "Just like you, we grew up here. Small. Local. Involved." Kudos to you, Java Moose! I hope those Paris-loving teenie-boppers (and others) take the time to think before they choose where to order their cuppa.
The Main Event!

Will the caffeine underdog prevail?


  1. I can't believe you're getting a Starbucks but still no Chapters..unbelieveable!!

  2. How sad. :-( Starbucks is a bully! We're having the same issue in our town with a possible Super Wal-Mart being built right across the street from my beloved organic store. Boooo!

  3. Ugh! I'm from Seattle....the evil empire is on every corner!! Love the underdog- his coffee is ALWAYS better. Starbucks is the McDonald's of coffee joints.

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  5. There building 2 new ones in our town too. That makes like, I think 6,