Baptism Luncheon

Isaac's baptism was Saturday, and we had everyone back to my parents' house for lunch afterwards. We set up a sandwich bar with the following options:

Breads: White and whole-wheat kaisers

Cheeses: Swiss, mozzarella, and old cheddar cheeses

Meats: Turkey, ham, and roast beef

Veggies: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, pickles, hot peppers, and olives

Condiments: Mayo, mustard, pesto mayo, curry mayo, dijon mustard, horseradish

For dessert, we had planned four kinds of cupcakes. I made cookies and cream cupcakes, but I wasn't happy with how they turned out, so we didn't put them out. I had planned on making coffee cupcakes with mocha icing, but it was a really humid day and I could stand to have the oven on more than necessary, and we already had enough to go around. We ended up just having peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate icing, and coconut cupcakes with coconut cream icing.

I didn't get ANY pictures of the sandwich bar or the cupcakes before everyone dug in. I wish I had some pics to post, but I guess it's asign that the food was good!

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  1. So I'm looking for a great coconut cake. I saw the one you made on the internet. Was it killer, or just good? I have to make 2 cakes at the end of the month for a party. One will be chipole chocolate cake and one coconut.