Peeling Pineapple

As soon as I saw this video on Facebook, I knew I had to try it!  I must not be the only one: As I went through the checkout, the clerk asked: "Are you trying that trick from the video?" I read the comments and watched a couple other videos online, which suggested the pineapple be very ripe. I let this one ripen more than I normally would, but the fruit tasted excellent and not at all past its prime. 

To begin, start at either the top or the bottom. We chose to start at the bottom where the fruit was the most ripe. Cut into the fruit a zigzag pattern, following the segments of the pineapple, gradually working your way around the outside. Once you have cut all the way around, grab the centre of this piece and remove it. It may take a little force or twisting! After the end is removed, you can simply peel it apart, segment by segment. Press your thumb into the eye of the segment towards the core. Once the skin breaks, simple peel down towards the core until it pulls away on its own. 

Here's a little demonstration to show how simple it is to do.

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