Comfort Week

Sherrie is hosting a blogging event entitled Comfort Week, and I'm excited to be taking part! It will be such a nice way to force yourself to consider cozy things in January instead of being sour over yet another snowstorm. Check out the posts of the other participants via Sherrie's blog.

Here is the plan for this week's posts, as outlined by Sherrie:
Monday: food: your favourite comfort food (with recipes, if possible!)
Tuesday: home: the most comfortable (or comforting) thing in your home
Wednesday: place : the place most comfortable to you
Thursday: habit: a behaviour or routine that brings you comfort
Friday: image: a picture that represents total comfort to you; either an image of your own or a link to one you love

The way things go in our house, I`ll probably be doing my updates in the evenings. Stay tuned!

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