Product Rave!

We are ice cream fiends. In the summer, we love trying new kinds at one of the seasonal ice cream stands we visit. My favourite discovery this past summer was Toffee Almond Chill. The year before, it was all about Mocha Double-Double. Just this past week, we tried a new kind from the grocery store that rivals either. Celtic Coffee has the flavour of Bailey's in coffee with the added treat of dark chocolate chunks stirred in. Can you even imagine anything that could be more delicious? If you are fortunate enough to live in the Maritime provinces, you must try it. If you live elsewhere, continue drooling and being jealous of us east-coasters.

And for all the east coasters who are's on sale for $3 for a 2-litre this week at Atlantic SuperStore. What's even better? has coupons for $2 off. Paying $1 for two litres for my new favourite kind? Not too shabby. I may have bought several for the deep freeze. No harm in stocking up, right?

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