Autumn-themed Shower

I am super excited to be the maid of honour in my cousin Elizabeth's wedding in January. Yes, I'm married...but the term "matron of honour" make me want to wretch, so the"maid of honour" I am!

Today, I hosted a bridal shower for Elizabeth with all the sweets fitting into a fall theme. I am posting each recipe separately for future reference, but here's the master list/links:

Chocolate-Dipped Pecans
(No recipe required, but the idea came from here)

Mini-Apple Pies
(Brought by the fabulous Laura, who really should have a blog!)

Pumpkin Tarts
(nothing special and no great recipe to share. I have posted before about my favourite easy crust, and I just combined pumpkin, egg, and spiced until it looked and tasted right.)
Cream Puffs (previously blogged here)
(Filled with a mixture of vanilla pudding pie filling, rum flavouring, and cinnamon)
Apple Blondies (previously blogged here)
Pumpkin Crumb Cake (a favourite of the guest of honour)

Caramel Apples served as the party favour for our guests to take home.

I don't have a picture of this maple fruit dip, but it was divine with apple slices!

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