Sundried Red Pepper?

When I saw a sign reading "Sundried Red Pepper" at the bulk food store, I assumed the clerk mixed up Sundried Tomatoes and Roasted Red Pepper. I double-checked though, and it seems that it was actually sundried red pepper. Go figure! Anyway, I had to take some home to try it. It tasted just like roasted red pepper, just less pulpy. I used it to add some zing to a lasagna and some sweetness to some chicken curry. I also made up this little concoction for dinner one night.

I rolled out whole-wheat pizza dough and spread Greek Feta sauce over the whole surface. I sliced strips of the sundried red pepper and evenly distributed them over the crust, topping with mozzarella cheese. I rolled up the dough and baked it at 350` for about 12-30 minutes, until the crust was golden on top. I sliced the "pizza log" into several 4 inch lengths for serving. It was pretty good for a last minute "raid the pantry" meal.

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